Q1. How far in advance do I need to reserve my visit(s)?
A: During most of the year, a few weeks notice would be great. During Holiday times I am becoming booked up to 3-4 months in advance. So get in touch early when traveling during popular vacation times so you don’t miss out on Cat Lady Boston!

Q2. Do you take last minute reservations?
A: Boss needs you to fly out to California for that last minute presentation? Scored last minute tickets for that reunion concert (unless it’s Paul McCartney, then I’m coming with you)? Get in touch, we’ll do whatever we can to help you out. First, we’ll schedule a brief meeting at your home prior to your departure (if there’s time!) so please be prepared with the following:

  • Your cats habits, preferred toys and games, general appetite.
  • Your cats overall health, location of cat carrier, and his/her medication schedule, if needed.
  • Feeding schedule, amounts, dry, canned or both? Treats?
  • Location of litter, litter pans, bags, accessories, food, opener, broom, trash.
  • Location of your cats favorite hiding places.
  • Any unusual behavior that may occasionally occur.
  • Any special services, i.e. medical treatments, you require.
  • Emergency numbers: Yours, ours, your local contact, if possible and your veterinarian.
  • A set of your keys (house, mailbox, etc.). We’ll go over opening and locking the doors which are sometimes temperamental. To avoid the key pick up/drop off fee of $10, making a permanent copy that will live in our secured safe is a great idea.

Q3. Will you water plants and take in my mail? Alternate lights and open blinds while we are away?
A: Cat Lady Boston further contributes to your security by giving your home a “lived-in” appearance. We are happy to take in newspapers and mail, water plants, turn lights on and off, and open and close shades and curtains per your request – at no extra cost.

Q4: Do you cat sit overnight and/or can you take care of my dog and fish?
A: We do not currently offer overnight care. Although we love all animals and will take care of Mr. Fishy or Ms. Bunny as a courtesy*, we do not currently accept dogs. There are lots of good services out there for canines!

*Certain requests may be subject to additional fees.

Q5: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Currently, Cat Lady Boston accepts both cash, check and cards. We also accept transfers via PayPal, Venmo and Bank of America.

Q6: How much is your cancellation fee?
A: What cancellation fee? We know, best answer ever.

Q7: Are you insured and/or bonded?
A: Yes, Erik and I are both 100% insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, a preferred pet business insurance provider since 1998. Click icon below to view certificate.


Q8: Are you Pet First Aid/CPR Certified?
A: Yes, I am certified for Pet First Aid/CPR through American Red Cross. Click icon below to view certificate.